to land consistent clients and a wildly profitable coaching business that you were proud of?

What would life look like if you finally had the strategy

A High level, high touch hybrid group coaching program, for women who want to launch and scale a profitable online coaching business, even if you are brand new to the online space.

Elevate to
Success Accelerator

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Network marketers

Brick and mortar

E-commerce businesses

Entrepreneurs who have zero idea what type of coach they want to be

People who aren't experts 

Who this is not for:

Aspiring/New/Established Online Coaches & Consultants

Who Want To Scale to 6 Figures (and beyond)

Without the hustle and bustle of launching.

Who this is for:

No one is coming to save you — bet on yourself.


"3 Discovery calls booked! I applied the simple strategy and now incorporating lives. This strategy was the one step I was missing. Can’t thank you enough!"


"You are the most respectable, responsible and caring coach out there. You are so far above the rest. You set the bar. You are a true leader."


"Lattice, you’re the real deal. My spirit was drawn to your genuine level of coaching and support. You continue to inspire me to be on my daily grind."

You need this program to foster a business that is built on true freedom, flexibility, purpose and impact.

✓ Structure ✓ Framework ✓ Guidance ✓ Results

Here's what you'll get:

Being successful can happen as quickly as you want to — you just have to decide.

Lattice specializes in helping women entrepreneurs scale their online coaching business to 6 figures and beyond with strategy, systems and leveraged evergreen offers. Outside of entrepreneur life, Lattice enjoys traveling to warm places, trying new restaurants, and dancing to any and everything TIK TOK related!

Lattice was born and raised in Chicago, IL and now resides in Scottsdale AZ. Lattice graduated with her Bachelors of Arts. Degree in Human Resource Management in 2015, and went on to work for multiple Fortune 50 companies in various Human Resource Leadership roles. 

Behind the scenes, Lattice previously built multiple 5 figure businesses during her nights and weekends while working for corporate America. In September 2018, Lattice left her corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship to its fullest and build her passion project, now turned multiple 6 figure business as an Online Business Coach & Mentor.

Online business coach + mentor

Lattice Hudson
Get to know

Implement systems and structures that allows your business to scale and grow with ease.


Craft a premium signature offer that commands premium prices with everything you need to operate your business professionally.


Master the art of high ticket sales by enrolling clients directly over the phone into your high ticket coaching program with confidence.


Implement a simple yet effective marketing system that will bring you leads on autopilot - the easy way.


Build a premium brand that positions you as an expert by getting crystal clear on who you serve and how you uniquely can help them.


Get the support you need to elevate your mindset and operations to become the powerful CEO you know you are meant to be.


 We focus on foundation + results first, NO FLUFF!

I get my clients results.


Self Study


Group Coaching

a hybrid coaching program

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Arielle, Sober Coach

Lattice is absolutely amazing! Thank you for making me feel like I matter. Honestly two months ago, I was ready to throw in the towel. I’ve now quit my full job. Lattice you are amazing in every way!

"Thank you for making me feel like I matter."


Rym, Business & Marketing Coach

Lattice is the best coach out there. I can testify I made my money back in less than a month working with her and I can’t be thankful enough. The next month, I hit 23K in April. If you’re not working her yet, then what are you waiting for?

"Thank you for helping me create the biz of my dreams."


Kimiko, Sales & Business Coach

In less than one month, I’m officially at a five figure launch. Total of 12k!!! This was my beta round! I feel a lot more confident now after realizing that I’m still helping people who need me and how much value they’re getting from it.

"I’m officially at a five
figure launch."

I'm sold! Let's do this!

The Elevate To Success Accelerator will give you all the steps, tools and resources to close the gap and go from overwhelmed, stressed and burnt out to booked solid, paid and creating massive impact for your clients.

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